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Baby Phat New York 2009

Ladyfag goes to the Baby Phat show

Amber Rose broke my camera. Before you begin twiterring rumours, I fully admit it is was my fault. I rarely take a photo of someone I don’t know, celebrity or not. While at a party last week I chose to snap a photo of Kanye’s sexy alien arm candy and my lens froze….serves me right. I got my faithful little point and shoot fixed just in time for the Baby Phat show, and then lo and behold there was Amber Rose again…

Kimora Lee Simmons IS Baby Phat. She makes clothing for what she calls the “glamorous hip-hip lifestyle”. Her brand is about celebrity, her brand is about her. The spring 2010 collection did what it does best, branded, wearable, sexy street wear. In between a far too loud hip-hop soundtrack a sprinkling of shirtless sixpacked males in baggy jeans walked the runway between girls in swimsuits, and a collection filled with crisp corals, bright aquas, rich purple, gold’s and bohemian prints inspired by Morroco but ready for urban living. While I’m not one who thinks herself a Baby Phat customer, I could easily see myself slipping into the glittering disco leggings, metallic gold stilettos and sling one of the amazing oversized purses around my shoulder….Kimora knows her market.

The show ended with four models wearing a different coloured shirt spelling out BABY on the front and PHAT on the back. Each girl sported one matching coloured sequined glove and strutted out to Pretty Young Thing in a sweet tribute to Michael Jackson.

A tribute to celebity in a show packed with celebrities like Russell Simmons, Ice-T and Coco, Kim Kardashian, Sherre Whitfield, Tinsley Mortimer, Miss Jay, Lisa Rinna, Amanda Lepore, and Amber Rose. Of course the grand finale is always Kimora herself coming down the runway with her daughters and new born baby.I could practically see the lightbulb go on over Ms.

Kanye West’s head as she watched Ms. Russell Simmons from the sidelines… I think I see a new line of streetwear coming to a runway very soon.

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