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G8HAUSMUSIK Vol.5: A dirty MP3 Blog

Ben Gatehouse, aka G8HAUSMUSIK, the music man wanderlust who wanders to the grimiest and this week grime-iest outer corners of the internetosphere and traverses the filthiest sarf lahnan clubs, so that he might return with tantilising morsels of a distant, different life.

Heeeyyylllo, Gotta say that this week’s selection was without doubt the easiest to compile so far. Don’t know if that’s a reflection of the ouput or what but I’m feeling pretty inspired by music right now, especially the grime scene which I’m slowly starting to understand… that isn’t really the right word, maybe “connect with”. Whatever! Hopefully the following will give you an idea of what I mean!

Headhunter – Sex at the prom


Via Radio one and Myspace

Ha, after all that this isn’t even grime.  Headhunter, represents the – as he puts it – anti-wobble brigade of the dubstep community, taking influences from techno and Juke, apparently. Sex at the Prom for me sets the bench mark on how to produce 2 step techno at 140bpm.  Awesome, just a shame we only have this radio clip to go on, oh well. Although it does also feature on the recent Modeselektor podcast!

Watch out for the new Headhunter album coming on Tempa soon.

Joker – My Trance Girl

Via youtube

A few weeks back I posted Joker’s Tron and also mentioned this track as one to watch out for.  Ripped here from his Sonar set back in June it’s been a highlight of his performances throughout the summer. I imagine we’ll see this on the forthcoming album, until then we just gonna have to make do with enjoying it on the local soundsytem, could be worse.

P Money feat OG’z – Hot ones

Via Logan Sama’s kiss 100 show

Par is officially the word of the year, here another brilliant execution of the word no one has a description (“a par is a Par, innit”) reckon this could cause similar damage in a club as par pioneer Tempa T’s Next Hype… Oddly grime is one genre that suffers from a lack of real exposure, a topic recently debated between Kiss FM’s grime show host Logan Sama and 1xtra’s Mistajam via twitter.  I’m not enough of an expert to offer a reason, but the production on this track, especially in the vocal shows that with the right content grime can still be the UK’s answer to US Hip-Hop.

Tinchy Stryder – Unknown

Via syro rinse podcast

Grime again and to prove that I’m not stupid and do know that one of the most commercially successful artists this year came from the grime scene, it’s Tinchy Stryder. To be honest I never thought I’d be featuring him on this blog, It’s not as if his mainstream output has really had anything to do with grime or really MCing, but in this tune he answers all his critics and wins over any doubters of his underground credentials in the space of one line (highlighted by the mc riding over the track), this is how MCing should be done! Not sure if it’s new or old or whatever but it’s taken from Spyros’s recent rinse podcast, listen to it for new music insight that blows this blog out of the water.

Poxy Music – War Paint feat. Gina Mitchell (Claude VonStroke)

Via Roska XLR8R podcast

So one from last year I completely missed, Claude Von Stroke doing what he’s famous for and getting the attention from UK funky main man Roska who featured the track on his recent XLR8R podcast. Enjoy

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