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Twisted indie band Hitchcock release Villains

Hitchcock’s outrageous mix of bombastic, eccentric, theatrical electronics and histrionics are causing many to hail them as masters of their art – plus dark and twisted yet utterly addictive. They’ve had a busy 12 months, releasing two singles, playing a series of high profile gigs and completing their debut album. Kristan Caryl caught up with Matt Droog, who along with Andy Huckvale makes up the hotly tipped UK duo, to find out more about them and the release of their third single, Villain.

Notion: Can you describe this sound you are pioneering?
Hitchcock: It’s synths and big beats with choruses.

Notion: What makes you one of the most exciting bands of recent years? What makes you, you?
Hitchcock: I would say our live show has earned us that reputation and is continuing to do so. We introduce an element of theatre and spectacle to our gigs and I think few bands really bother to put the effort and detail in to their shows these days.

Notion: I assume your name is a reference to the film maker? Is he an influence on your work at all?
Hitchcock: When Andy and I first started writing together we would always finish the session with a Hitchcock film, it became an unwritten rule to a certain extent so when it came to finally giving a name to the band it became obvious that we should call it Hitchcock. We both have a slight leaning to the dark and the sinister.

Notion: What are your musical influences?

Hitchcock: I would say between the two of us we are influenced by pretty much every genre of music past and present. I am a sucker for “a song”, a great chorus can be presented in any context regardless of style and so I find myself being influenced and inspired by many different bands.

Notion: What lead to you being a sort of indie/dance hybrid? What do you love about each style of music?
Hitchcock: Hitchcock has always been a natural evolution, our first few gigs, we played as a two piece and it was great but felt we were lacking something on stage, not just from out front from the audiences perspective but as an onstage thing too. We got a drummer for the live shows and it really changed the feel in a positive way, gave the whole thing much more of a band vibe live. Our songs have always mixed the dance ethos with the song based approach, having verses and choruses thrown over an electronic element just produced this strange hybrid that we are doing now, it was never a very conscious decision.

Notion: What do you aim to achieve with your music?
Hitchcock: I would like to see the world with my friends.

Notion: When did you get into playing and writing music, and how?
Hitchcock: I always loved music as a child and in my teens got my first guitar. Conveniently caught glandular fever and was off school for ages so used that time to learn guitar, id play every day from the moment I got up till the moment I went to bed, it was way better than school,haha. I think my first day back at school I got my first band together and it all rolled on from there.

Notion: What informs the lyrics of your work?
Hitchcock: All the songs are simply stories, tales of things Ive seen or things Ive felt that everyone feels. I refer to it as almost a social commentary, some fun, some sad and some just weird .

Notion: And can you tell us about the live shows a bit?
Hitchcock: The live show is a high octane burst of energy and surrealism, not wanting to sound clichéd but you really have to come and see it to truly get a feel for it.

Notion: What have been your proudest moments so far?
Hitchcock: I love festivals, always have done and I think T In The Park last year was pretty much up there with The Secret Garden Party this year. I feel a sense of coming in to our own at festivals and can see more of the proudest moments taking place at others in the future.

Notion: And what are your goals in both the near future and the long term?
Hitchcock: The third single “Villain” is coming out in September with the album following later this year so looking forward to getting both of those out there and touring more .

Notion: What else are you working on in 2010?
Hitchcock: We have just come to an end of doing festivals over the summer and I have returned to the studio with my producer hat on, working with One Night Only and currently working with Noisettes before I kick back in to Hitchcock for the single release. Andy writes music for TV and is currently building a spaceship.

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