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Jacob Plant

Meet Cr2′s techno wonderkid Jacob Plant

‘Basslines In’ is the second track to be released on Cr2 from their new wonder kid Jacob Plant, a guy who has already been turning heads wherever his music is being heard. At just 19 years of age Jacob Plant is fast becoming a major force on the dance scene, and is already a respected and widely tipped producer talent having worked with and remixed a whole host of household names including Chase & Status, Deadmau5, Little Boots, Sidney Sampson, Chuckie and Major Lazer. Kristan Caryl met with one of the most exciting production and DJ talents in the UK dance scene and asked him some important questions…

Notion: What’s the best thing about your job?
Jacob Plant: There’s so many good things about my job I can’t complain. It’s difficult to explain the feeling you experience when you’ve put so much hard work into producing a track and to then hear it being played on radio 1 afterwards is great. Similarly when you hear DJ’s who you’ve respected for some time playing your track really is the best thing.

Notion: And the worse?
Jacob Plant: Sometimes you get the odd bit of cabin fever after being locked up in the studio for days on end…..but then the DJIng side of it gets you out again so really it evens out.

Notion: What makes you happy?
Jacob Plant: Loads of things make me happy, but something I really like is when people appreciate your work!

Notion: And sad?
Jacob Plant: Nothing ever makes me sad!

Notion: Which record do you wish you had written?
Jacob Plant: If it was a modern tune, then “Magnetic Man – I Need Air”. Just because it brought dubstep into the charts and it was a well written song. If it was an old song then it would have to be “The Clash – London Calling”

Notion: What would you spend your last tenner on?
Jacob Plant: That’s a difficult one as I spend a lot of money buying music, so I’d have to say an old vinyl, as I tend to collect a lot and I think it would be a tenner well spent.

Notion: What would be your three desert island discs?
Jacob Plant:  Oasis – Wonderwall (This reminds me of growing up, everytime I hear it I makes me think of where I grew up and all the things I did there).

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (I love this song so much. It has never grown old to me. I love the euphoria of it and the dreamy vocals. I could fall asleep to this on the island! Also I have so many good memories of that song as I was growing up as a teen.

The Rifles – Out In The Past (If I was stuck without anyone on an island, this would remind me of some good things).

Notion: What would you be doing if it weren’t for this?
Jacob Plant: Well just before I got into music properly, I was training for the Olympics 2010. I wanted to do long jump. If I wasn’t doing that then I would have gone to uni and done something like I.T.

Notion: What does music mean to you?
Jacob Plant: It’s pretty much the main part of my life, as it what I am doing and what I have been surrounded by in my whole life, so really it means everything. If I didn’t have music or if it didn’t exist my time would be pretty empty.

Notion: What is your first musical memory?
Jacob Plant: Probably doing piano lessons as a really young kid. I used to hate it so much but now I’m so happy I did it!

Notion: What are you working on at the moment?
Jacob Plant: For the rest of the year I am working on my first album. I am really excited about it, it’s a long process and a lot of hard work but it’s really exciting. I’m trying to get some really strong singles together at the moment. I am also doing various other things. I have got the ‘Mash Hits’ to do this week for Annie Macs friday night Radio 1 show. I also have some gigs coming up supporting; Major Lazer, Breakage, Shy FX, Audio Bullies, MYNC, Bar9, Jack Beats and many more!!!

Notion: And what’s your proudest moment in life so far?
Jacob Plant: It has to be getting signed by Cr2! It was such a pivotal moment in my career and it’s when I knew the music I’d been working on was really being appreciated by others.

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