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Boxhanging #1: Jacques Greene

With the latest tracks from the forefront of the DJ booth, James Hoste is a man in the know. In his first column for PlanetNotion, he brings us the mixed-up stylings of Canadian producer, Jacques Greene.

It’s a strange thing. I have always imagined the more serious edges of dance music and electronica to come from a slightly older generation. Not ancient, necessarily, more those in their late twenties and beyond, who have crafted a deep knowledge of genres and lived through all the passing trends; the loud electro, the minimal techno, the banging house. Those who have developed a desire for something deeper, something more soulful, something which slowly builds itself and cuts a deeper groove. Yet it seems that every new artist I stumble across proves my imaginings to be almost always inaccurate.

20 year-old Montreal-ite, Jacques Greene, is my most recent example. Blending together a stunning mix of deep house stylings with a skittering element of bass and 2-step you might be familiar with from the likes of Joy Orbison or the Wolf & Lamb crowd. Still being somewhat of a mystery to most, there isn’t a huge deal known about the young man from Quebec, however, what we do know is that he has a four track EP upcoming on Glasgow’s rather magnificent Lucky Me label and London’s bass-loaded Night Slugs imprint.

At first glance this could come across as a slightly odd combination, but upon listening one can immediately hear how Jacques has seamlessly blended core elements of both styles. The result? Tracks which fit flawlessly alongside the latest cuts from Nice Jarr, Lee Foss or Seth Troxler; and just as easily with Mount Kimbie and Scuba, or Sepalcure and Subtle (as showcased rather brilliantly on Mary-Anne Hobbs’ recent Radio 1 farewell). The standout track, ‘Tell Me’, is something very special indeed, but as Lucky Me like to put it, “Who’d have thought that our B2 on Jacques Greene would get such a response? Wait ‘til you hear the A1!” Who indeed.

Oh, and he also harbours an entirely guilt free love for R&B, which gets a thumbs up in my book. An unashamed talent to be embraced and nurtured. Keep your eyes on this man.

-James Hoste

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