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Interview: Everything Everything

Last week we sent our roving reporter, James Uden, into the depths of Shoreditch to chat to everyone’s favourite double-monikered band, Everything Everything about festivals, Destiny’s Child, and wearing proper shoes.

PlanetNotion: Hey guys, how’s everything going?

Everything Everything: Yeah there’s not really been any let up for us since summer in a nice way. We did our own tour because the album came out at the end of August and then we’ve just been to America and Iceland , just generally playing a lot in some really nice places.

PN: You really shot out over summer, has the growing popularity had any influence on your attitude or style?

EE: We’re all arseholes now… no not really! Because we’re actually the ones doing it, it doesn’t feel like a sudden thing for us. It’s been very gradual, we’ve seen every single tiny step of the way, so it’s been a very gentle transition really. We’re still loading all our own gear and going to sleep etc, so the only really significant thing that’s changed is the number of people who see us play now and that’s what you want.

PN: Any particular summer highlights?

EE: A lot of festivals. Bestival was great, Reading and Leeds were really good, Glastonbury too, most of them really.  We got to go to Japan as well which was amazing.

PN: You’ve listed very limited shows for the rest of year. What’s the time leading up to Christmas going to be spent doing?

EE: We’ll have some time off and do plenty of writing to get ourselves sane again. We’re looking forward to play with a 15-piece orchestra in December too. We’re playing our whole album with them, so that’s going to take some planning and rehearsing.

PN: You use some really original and unique vocal structures. Where did the inspiration for this come from?

EE: I guess it comes from Radiohead more than anything, sort of Fail-iohead if you like – Failing to sing like Thom York and sort of shouting instead! We’ve just been building that up over time to form a style no one likes.

PN: You claim to have grown up listening to a shamelessly broad selection of artists, is this the reason behind choosing your name?

EE: It’s not actually so much down to our own influences, its more just that we like the sound of the words being repeated like that really. The look of it gives a sense of potential, but it’s mostly just about the sound and look of it really. We kind of built some meaning into it later but those two things are probably the most important.

PN: Were there any guilty pleasures kept quieter than others growing up?

No, I suppose that’s maybe what makes us a little bit different to other bands. That we don’t get embarrassed about our influences. We don’t really feel a place for snobbery really so yeah, we’ll happily admit we love listening to Destiny’s Child!

PN: Tonight’s quite a unique event (Now Playing), is there anything special planned for the set?

EE: Well, [Jeremy]‘s wearing proper shoes here, that’s his sole concession and normally Alex drinks a different brand of beer. Only the best tonight.

PN: Have you ever played anywhere quite as spectacular as here? (Shoreditch Town Hall)

EE: Definitely Union Chapel, this place is more striking though. There are impressive loos here, the best shape. It’s like a little room where you’d go to first for your cigar. Now we’re talking about the bogs, but they are very unique. Every man’s throne is his castle.

- Interview by James Uden

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