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Live Review: Beach Fossils and Superhumanoids at The Lexington

The Lexington is filling up as Superhumanoids take to the stage. It’s the first time they’ve played the capital they say, and the turn out is startling for this LA band.  But they’re still relatively unknown as the crowd seem hesitant about getting to involved in the set, except three young girls hurling themselves down at the front, who’s efforts are noted by the band.  A four piece, they brandish a kind of new indie pop music to dance around your bedroom to with two vocalists, one male, one female, like The XX and again with reverb across the board in the shoe gaze fashion that has dominated the indie charts this summer. But it’s not that straight forward, there’s a wintery departure from the current craze, in form of electronics.  With popping beats on the synth, their drummer is taking the edge off with a live kit, and the vocals are subtly combined with electronic enhancements.  The room seemed to be left unsure about the shoegaze meeting Jean Michel Jarre approach, but there are certainly hooks coming through on the guitar lines, and with carefully spoken lyrics meander like a Belle and Sebastian record, they’re a band worth keeping an eye on.

Next up are Beach Fossils and the heat is severely cranked up for their unavoidably ethereal haze of the sun and surf vibe in their music.  There’s a certain amount of buzz about this band, so they’ve a lot to prove to a crowd who rammed themselves uncomfortably in venue in anticipation for something pretty special. The band are fresh faced and chirpy, and there’s nothing better than watching a band who really love playing their own music. Somehow they are simultaneously high energy and laid back playing as they casually meander the guitar lines confidently in to rockabilly edged chorus’, underpinned by a pummelling bass that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Joy Division record.  Lolling round the stage the boys bounce and skip with their fringes flailing across their eyes.  It’s clear that their record comes alive more stage than on your MP3 player and despite numerous broken strings and team meetings on stage, the gig flies by.

-          Camille Ainsworth

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