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Tina Kalivas

Christmas Wishlist: Tina Kalivas

All I want for Christmas… is this amazing jacket from hot new Australian designer Tina Kalivas. A bizarre but glorious contrast of the prim boxy silhouette and exotic African tribal prints, this colourful creation has already earned its fashion credentials having adorned the shoulders of Susie Bubble (of Stylebubble.com) and most recently Rihanna and is the perfect way to brighten up Winter’s neutral washout.

Kalivas first made her fashion debut back in 2002 at the Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, and since then has shunned trends in order to develop her own unique brand, a fusion of the traditional and the futuristic. Her background in tailoring (she studied period corsetry and underwear at London College of Fashion) and her interest in historical and theatrical design is apparent in her superbly constructed designs but thanks to her juxtaposition of colour and shape, her designs maintain a modern aesthetic. And whilst she still remains relatively “unknown”, she is gradually carving a niche for herself with her beautifully flattering and colourful designs.

On second thought, all I want for Christmas is that jacket…that dress, that top…

Words: Scarlett Hirst

Image: www.tinakalivas.com

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  • Lena Krieger November 30th, 2010 12:35 pm

    Tina Kalivas is a brilliant fashion designer! She learned the secrets of the trade working with Alexander McQueen and now she takes the world of Fashion by storm with a collection inspired to the Native Americans. Another designer going back to the past and old traditions to create. On Lancia TrendVisons’ blog you can see Totem, Tina Kalivas latest 10/11 autumn-winter collection.

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