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Dominique Young Unique Comes to London to Show Her Ass

Sometimes a song comes along that makes you want to dance like there’s no one else in the room. Often there are, which is a mixed blessing. ‘Show my Ass’ by Dominique Young Unique is one such song.

Unique seems positioned to pick up where her fellow Tampa residents, YoMajesty left off, but this time it’s badder, brassier and has better legs.

Majesty’s producer David Alexander worked on her debut mixtape, ‘Domination’, to universal praise from the music press. Where Alexander brings the furious beats, Unique brings the lyrics and infectious attitude. It’s an explosive mix that has racked up innumerable plays in clubland.

Unique’s frenzied, unselfconscious vocals and bass-heavy electro-hop sound are the most invigorating thing you’ll experience short of giving yourself a Redbull enema. It doesn’t get sicker than this.

The 18 year old rapper, and party-popper in disguise, drips with swagger and rapid-fire flow. She heads back to London for her most high profile UK show to date at the hands of Guardian-endorsed promoters Tender Love. The night also features superstar-DJ-turned-singer and prolific Tweeter, Yasmin (live).

Tuesday, 7th December

The Nest, 36 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 7XJ

Tickets available here.

Photo: Thomas Giddings

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