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Getting to know Bassanovva, the Chicken Lovers

Sinden’s Grizzly imprint keeps releasing sick track after sick track. The latest beast to be released is the ‘Chicken Lover’. No there isn’t a poultry sum up for his capture, lol. It’s not a person with a feather fetish but a rip roaring percussion rich slice of fidgety house from Bassanovva. One half of this fun-loving duo is Grahmzilla who used to be in Thunderheist. The other is Jubilee. They chatted total nonsense to Kara Simsek. We think they enjoyed it.

Planet Notion: There are two of you in the group. How are we to distinguish between you?
G: My name is Graham. I am the son of an olympian. I am 1% bionic. I really love espresso and LFOs.
J:I am Jess. I love candy and Miami Bass. I played Peter Pan in a really long running play when I was younger and I think that might explain a lot of things about me.

Planet Notion: Where are you from?
G: Much like early hunter gatherers, I have lived a rather nomadic life. My journey began in Ottawa, then Edmonton, then Calgary, then Montreal and finally Toronto.
J: I was born in Miami and lived in South Florida most of my life. I moved to NYC in 2003.

Planet Notion: Is ‘Chicken Lover’ a reference to South Park episode of the same name?
G: Chicken Lover is simply a methaphor for anything you want to be enthusiastic about. Replace chicken by Jesus and you have yourself a christian anthem. Replace it with Egg and then you have a chicken and egg situation.
J: You gotta ask Toni Toni Lee. He did the vocals and he is the O.G. Chicken Lover.

Planet Notion: What’s your favourite chicken dinner?
G: I wouldn’t eat it myself but I hear the free-range chickens have a pretty decent diet.
J: Chik Fil A combo #1 with extra pickles and Polynesian sauce

Planet Notion: If you could incubate a mystery egg what would you like to see hatch out of it and why ?
G: A Justin Bieber clone with whom I would immediately sign into a 360 deal and send on tour 364 days a year. (Not Christmas, that would just be cruel)
J: My personal prince charming duhhh…and that would be a Venkman/Spengler combo *swoon

Planet Notion: What next from Bassanovva?
G: We would really like to dispense with all tomfoolery and get an actual bird on the next song… or maybe Leonard Cohen talking about birds. Or even better still, Big Bird talking about Lyor Cohen.
J: My Grandma has the most annoying cockatoo named Tommy but he’ll say whatever you tell him to.

Planet Notion: What’s on your Christmas list? Have you been good enough this year to get it? Or are you expecting a piece of coal?
G: My Christmas list was secret. Unfortunately, WikiLeaks just let the cat out of the bag. Coincidently, my wish list was for a cat in a bag.
J: My mom will probably send me some stuffed animal that raps when you press a button. So I am expecting that. I have quite the collection now. My favorite one so far is a frog that sings Usher ‘Yeah’. It even screams like Lil Jon.

Planet Notion: How did you get to be signed to grizzly?
G: Much like one gets signed to any sort of organization. Hookers and blow.
J: I am not a hooker but sometimes when I walk home at night I get mistaken for one.

Planet Notion: What are your hopes for 2011?
G: Much like my hopes for 2010 except fuelled by one more year of dissapointing frustration.
J: I want to train for a race, maybe a marathon. And make some good tunes to get me through it.

Planet Notion: What’s your best joke?
G: I don’t believe in comedy.
J: I think I just might have made it the while answering the question above. I’ll let you know.

Bassanovva’s single Chicken Lover is out now on Grizzly

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