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Free Download: Get People ‘Careless (Max Cooper Remix)’

With “an insatiable desire for all kinds of percussion”, London three-piece Get People’s cake-like echo-noise is one of the perplexingly overlooked sounds of 2010. Overlaying rhythmic, tribal beats with synths, marimbas and tape loops gives them a reflective, party sound that recalls perfectly the warm fug of a darkened, laser-filled nightclub against the frozen-breath night air. What we have here is a remix, in the style of Berlin minimal temple Berghain, courtesy of beatsmith Max Cooper. He strips back the sounds, retaining all the elements but encasing them beneath in an icy layer of cut-up confusion and rollercoaster truckling. Disorientated, pulsing and layers, just how we like it. Enjoy.

Get People – Careless (Max Cooper Remix)

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