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Stuart Weitzman leopard print wellies

The Hautelist #1: Wellington Boots

We’ve enlisted our roving reporter, Siam Goorwich (a former Grazia gal, darlings) for a weekly rundown of what’s haute in the world of fashion, and what’s decidedly naute, every Friday.

The worst of the weather may be behind us (not judging by today! – Ed), but on Thursday, as I walked home from the gym with two soggy feet in squelching trainers, I thought there had to be a better way.  In short, that’s why this week’s (and indeed the very first) Hautelist, is dedicated to vehicles for keeping my feet dry.  Soggy feet – we bid you adieu!

Would swap my mother for…

The fact they don’t even seem to be available in the UK does little to dampen my passion for these Stuart Weitzman leopard print suede and black patent rubber rain boots (main image).  These boots are haute on so many levels it’s hard to know exactly where to start.  As a well-known leopard lover, they caught my eye immediately – and you know it’s love when I’m not even a little bit tempted by the black glitter versions.  Promising wool lining and faux-fur sock on the inside, for me these boots symbolise the very apex of the point where style meets function.

Would wear if gifted…

Ok, so I can’t lie – maybe I’d pay for these too.  Being a Londoner it really takes Alpine levels of snow or a muddy festival field to persuade me that it’s really necessary to pull out the full-length wellies.  Anything less and I feel like a country bumpkin wannabe exaggerating twat as soon as I get on the Northern line, and spend my entire commute deflecting bemused/ amused looks from fellow passengers.  However, these Marc Jacob beauties, with their cute bootie shape, high-gloss black finish, and bad-boy buckle detail are chic enough to grace my feet any day.  Practically perfect I say.

Would prefer to walk the streets naked…

Or in this case bare footed…or possibly wearing Crocs…well maybe not Crocs actually – that really is a step too far.  Anyway, the point is that these Shuella overboots are totally abhorrent – especially in patronising pink.  I really have tried to think of a reason why these would be necessary, but to no avail, as there simply isn’t one.  Why oh why would it ever be easier to flomp around town with a these monstrosities strapped to your feet rather than to just wearing a suitable pair of weather-proof shoes for the journey, and changing into your normal shoes when you reach your destination LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?!  Ugly and pointless – is there a worse possible footwear combination than that?

- Siam Goorwich

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