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Shoot the Hipsta: iPhone app Gallery Opens

There are two reasons I want an iPhone. Number 1 is that I’m travelling a lot nowadays and the screen is useful for maps etc. Number 2, and this is the most important reason, is that it would mean that I could download the Hipstamatic application and take pretty pictures that have that beautiful, faded tale of yesteryear look.

You might have noticed recently on your favourite social network site that most of the cool kids have photos with that retro look to them. Well that’s what I’m talking about.  It was even awarded ‘App of the year’ by Apple in 2010. I’m telling you, there’s a photographic revolution coming, it smells of the past, and I want to be part of it. To mark another step in the revolution of Hipstamatics photography is the first ever exhibition of its kind in the UK at The Orange Dot Gallery, London. They host the event celebrating the past and future of hipstamatic photography from 14th January 2011 to the 31st January 2011, so get yourself down there. And for goodness sake, in the words of that song that did the rounds on YouTube not too long ago, lets have some ‘new age fun, with a vintage feel’.

- Naomi George

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