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BOTW: Introducing Rodeo Massacre

If you like your guitars dirty, your organs a-whirlin’, and your rhythm sections thumping enough to induce a migrane, then Rodeo Massacre are for you. If you’re a bit sick of ambient blips and bleeps, or (on the other side of the spectrum) countless remixes “complimented” by walls of ridiculous dub pounding, and long for tunes with old-school acoustic instrument grit, then look no further. Initially formed in Paris after singer Izzy Lindqwister emigrated from her native Sweden, Rodeo Massacre moved to London to peddle their psych-rock wares. After a groundswell of support over the past two years, followed by signing to Smoky Carrot Records, they release their debut LP- ‘If You Can’t Smoke ‘em, Sell ’em’- on 31 January.

Rodeo Massacre seem to take pride in being an oppositional force to the musical trends of the moment. They are not cashing in on the prevailing “scene” du jour; their band blog is fittingly titled ‘how not to create a music scene in London’. They come equipped with layers of bluesy distortion that could make The White Stripes or The Black Keys tremble in their boots; this is twisted, balls to the wall guitar music. Delving into the 60’s (vinyl?) back catalogue, the noticeable touchstones are more The Doors than Richard D. James, more Jesus and Mary Chain than JME.

If you want to catch a glimpse of Rodeo Massacre’s chaotic live show (founding member Zorba uses a hybrid drumkit to play both guitar AND drums on stage, while singer Izzy throws herself around like Karen O’s logical succesor), you can catch them at The Old Blue Last for their album release party on January 31st.

-Tim Robins

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