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The Blouse, and How To Wear It

Having watched a whole series of The Rachel Zoe Project in one sitting I then spent an inordinate amount of time pondering her eponymous brand of hippie chic. From the outset it seemed her fashion formula was pretty simple; plenty of jewellery, voluminous clothes and of course a whippet-thin body.

It turns out it’s not so simple after all. Take the blouse for example, one of Zoe’s wardrobe essentials. Now I’m not talking about the wear-with-anything military blouse that has been doing the rounds recently. No, this kind is ultra feminine and patterned and really difficult to pull off. Thank goodness, therefore, for people like Rumi Neely of fashiontoast.com who has been rocking the style effortlessly in a barely there vintage polka-dot creation and cropped skinny jeans. In need of more inspiration? Look no further than retro queen Dita Von Teese in her feather-printed version, or to the ever-stylish Rachel Bilson who wore her muted floral number with a pair of leather shorts.

The answer to this fashion conundrum? Don’t go too crazy on the colour front, keep it edgy with a flash of bra and make sure the rest of the outfit is plain and modern. Follow that and the blouse need no longer be a thing to fear.

- Scarlett Hirst

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