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Download: Datarock – ‘The Most Extravagant Single in History’

When you are called to listening duty by the crimson clothed, shade-wearing duo Datarock, you respond. You respond with so much vigour your friends wonder what ever happened to that procrastinating old fool that used to be their friend, and why is he/she so very excited. Well Datarock are calling and they have some goodies to share.

This time Datarock have done something so special, it’s been coined the ‘The Most Extravagant Single in the World’. Not only is the single Catcher in the Rye available for free download – see link below, which frankly would’ve been enough to keep me happy for a while but you also get an actual rock. I’m not talking pebble made of sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rock (boom-pre GCSE geography was useful after all!), but one made plump and interesting with over 100 songs, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a full concert film. Gah! How good is that?!

The rock itself which is still at prototype stage, is actually a USB port stored in a vinyl casing in the shaped of a diamond shaped data- rock. Geddit? It’s created by Brian Flynn at Hybrid Design and San Francisco based pioneer company SUPER7. This is definitely something to get excited about right about now if you’re a fan. For so long now they’ve been producing lively, bounce along tunes for you to shake a leg to. Now you’ve officially been called to duty, go get yourself a rock.

Download Catcher in the Rye here:

Datarock – Catcher in the Rye

- Naomi George

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