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Tasting The LFW Trends

London Fashion week is now tantalisingly close, but here at PlanetNotion tantalisingly close isn’t close enough – we had to go out and actually taste it.  So, last night we headed down to the rather snazzy Trafalgar hotel to sample (ok, get totally sozzled on), their new limited edition LFW inspired cocktails and dessert.

The cocktails are the rather delicious result of the hotel’s partnership with LFW pioneers Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and are based on the SS11 collections of 3 of their designers; Bodyamr, Jasper Garvida and VFS’s One to Watch, Georgina Hardinge.

The first cocktail we sampled was Bodyamr’s A Sheer Statement.  Not for the faint hearted it is made from some unusual ingredients including basil and grapes, and packed a serious alcohol punch,  perfectly reflecting Bodyamr’s strong yet feminine aesthetic and use of layered sheer fabrics.

Next we headed onto the Jasper Garvida inspired Delicately Spirited.  Living up to its name this fruity concoction was as dangerously drinkable as it was pretty.  Our only regret was that we weren’t wearing one of Jasper’s dreamy dresses whilst sipping it…

Finally (and after a much needed canapé or 6) we composed ourselves just enough to sample the Bright Lights cocktail based on the work of Georgina Hardinge. The prettiest cocktail of them all, it exactly captured the essence and colour of her show-stopping SS11 finale gown, and the lemony zing perked us up just in time for dessert!

3 cocktails to the wind we forgot all about our pre-fashion week diet and threw restraint and dignity to the wind by devouring all 3 desserts; lemon sorbet, Pannacotta and lemon tart.  All were utterly fabulous, and although we really don’t like to play favourites there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good tart.

If you too would like to up your fashion credentials whilst indulging in some deliciously delectable drinkies and desserts then head down to The Trafalgar Hotel before March 31st

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