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Maya Jane Coles: I just make music from the heart

She might be only 23-years-old, but London-based house producer Maya Jane Coles’ recent work has been a point of intrigue for those in and around the wider dance music community. With her new EP, Beat Faster, heavily inspired by hitting nights out like Secretsundaze and Mulletover, Coles has been breeding tech-house with emotive electronic sounds. Having released on Alex Jones’ Hypercolour and Dogmatik, Coles fears no boundaries in music, attempting to take on all genres with a current focus on groove-heavy house with a subtle use of vocal samples such as her ‘Simple Things’ release on Parisian label Real Tone. House-junkies in her hometown may already be acquainted with the half-Japanese Coles for a while now, as despite her relative youth, she’s been playing DJ sets and live shows in and around the city for a number of years. She took some time out from being a hot-tip to tell Maxine Winning the story behind her sound.

Notion: So we totally fell in love with your RA podcast, from start to finish, totally faultless, and at same time not expected. How did you choose the tracks and what inspired you?
Ah thank you! Well the mix consists of music from friends and up coming artists that are really inspiring me at the moment, some unreleased bits n pieces from myself and some tunes that I’m just really feeling right now. It was kind of a journey through my brain at that moment really. A mixture of dancefloor material with some sit at home and chill material. I guess it was quite a spontaneous mix… I usually prefer to record my mixes that way as it captures the moment better.

Notion: Other than orchestrating bad-ass podcasts, what have you been up to recently?
I’ve been busy working on my album. It’s not gonna be finished for a while though. I can be a real perfectionist and it’s definitely my most important project to date, so I won’t be happy till I know it’s the best I can possibly make it. Also been working on lots of remixes too and recently every weekend has been spent gigging so it’s been non stop really.

Notion: How would you best describe your work and sounds you create?
I don’t like to categorise my music too much, most people probably know me for my house music cause that’s the stuff that I’ve mainly had released, but it’s only a small part of what I do. I just make music from the heart. It’s Maya music.

Notion: What’s it like to be a young, attractive girl DJ, do you think it’s much different from the boys, or pretty much the same?
I don’t really think of it in that way really! People shouldn’t be thought of differently because of their sex. I love what I do and it just so happens that I’m one of few females working in a real male dominated industry. It can work in your favour and it can also work against you, but at the end of the day it really shouldn’t matter. It’s nice to see that slowly more and more women are stepping up to the production side of things, but the percentage is still so small it’s hard to imagine that there will ever be as many girls involved as the boys…. But who knows, maybe one day! I always like being in the minority anyway.

Notion: Music wise, what do you think makes you stand out from the crowd?
I guess the diversity in styles of music that I make might attract a wider audience than if I only stuck to one genre…

Notion: Who really inspires you?
My friends, family and anyone who isn’t afraid to express themselves.

Notion: What are you listening to on repeat at the moment?
[Swedish electro band] Little Dragon.

Notion: Any festivals planned to work and play at this coming season?
I’m excited to play at Glastonbury cause I’ve never been before! Bestival is always amazing and a great end to the summer so I’m hoping to be there this year if I can. Burning Man is definitely one on my wish list, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this year.

Notion: What are your vices?
Not going bed.

Notion: What riles you?
Arrogant people and incompetent promoters…

Notion: What are you up to next?
I’ve got some really really exciting collaborations lined up for the near future. I can’t quite mention what they are just but they’re gonna be special!

Notion: Thanks for your time Maya, hope you have a sick and inspiring 2011!

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