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Sebrok Special- ‘The Pain Remixes Part 1′ and Free Download

As it’s Friday, we’re feeling particularly generous here at Planetnotion. Not only are we giving you our expert advice on the upcoming remix EP from Berlin’s Sebrok, but we’re also giving away a a free remix of Sebrok’s brilliant track ‘Don’t Forget to Go home’, by Martin Woerner (below the review)

First, Maxine Winning gives you the low down on his new remix EP, ‘The Pain Remixes Part 1′:

Quietly making a name for himself in a saturated market, Sebrok has been releasing music eponymously since 2002, and on his own Paso Music label since 2004. Flying in the face of dumb, thoughtless dancefloor fodder, Sebrok’s tracks are constructed with intricate technicality, which make your brain do aural double-takes as his carefully crafted grooves thump against your bones. It’s music that ebbs and flows, grows and pulsates throughout its course and rewards those who give it their full time and attention.

A fine blend of brand new music, remixes and artisan mixes of his own material, ‘The Pain’ showcased both Sebrok’s skill with both production and remixing. It acted as a testament, for all of those who didn’t quite yet ‘believe’, to his broad range of talents. This February sees the release of the star-studded remix package ‘The Pain Remixes Part 1’.

‘Remixes Christian Smith kick starts the EP, with his thumping remix of the title track. Christian slaps some serious electronic groove on ‘The Pain’. Filtered drops, throbbing bassline, crisp bongo’s and the original’s vocal, combine to create an exemplary rework.

Martin Woerner picks up where Smith finishes, and his trademark sound of tough, percussive tech-house can be heard progressively through his inherent mix of ‘Don’t Forget To Go Home’, rolling the tech flavour with self assured aplomb and marvelous splendour.

Irish born globetrotter, Sian rounds off the package with his “Numb” take on ‘Feel It’. Sian’s enviable ability to move from the darkest techno to the freshest tech-house in his productions brought him much success throughout 2010 and with this “Numb” remix, he finishes this marvelously minimal EP with an expansive mixture of bubbling and sweeping house synths. With the support of everyone who’s anyone in techno music, Sebrok’s star looks set to continue to rise throughout the decade. Dance music by numbers this ain’t.

Thanks Maxine. Not only is Sebrok generous enough to grace our ears with his delightful electronic masterpieces, he’s also willing to give away a a remix of his track ‘Don’t Forget to go Home’, which can be found here:

Sebrok-’Dont Forget To Go Home’ (Martin Woerner Remix)

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