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LFW: Charlie Le Mindu

Charlie le Mindu showcased another showstopping collection at LFW earlier; one that darkened themes from his previous shows to make something much more violent, beautiful and controversial. Models wore long Chantilly lace dresses, with various peeks of nipple visible through transparent plastic panelling. The first exit was a dramatic start: the model, drenched in fake blood, wore a large headpiece, proclaiming VIOLENCE. Oscillating between structured, graffiti-tagged tailoring, and long nightgown-esque jackets, le Mindu’s designs were  accessorised with Mohawks, military-style hats and white beading for both boys and girls. Inspired, unsurprisingly, by a WWII Belgian sex club, the show was attended by a gang of porn stars (the aftershow being sponsored by Babestation), one boy’s head had the immortal word ‘cunt’ spraypainted on, and the show closed to the sound of squealing pigs. Whatever you think of le Mindu’s designs, there’s only one appropriate reaction: Oh My God.

-Seb Law

Photos by Rishi Mullett-Sadones

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