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Kitsune Special: Housse De Racket Remix Stream

To celebrate the release of ‘Kitsune Parisien’- the latest in a string of continually amazing releases from the Kitsune label- we are going to be writing a few stories this week about Kitsune. Kitsune, Kitsune, Kitsune. One just can’t say it enough; not only does the word itself sound brilliant, it also has a far more important charatceristic, which is that it has a through-the-roof kudos factor.

This tracks for this compilation were selected by label head Gildas Loaec, who has a well documented long standing affiliation with Daft Punk (only two of France’s most popular and credible musicians around today), and  ‘André’ Saraiva, urban artist and clubber extraordinaire. Saraiva has gained a reputation as a go to man to suss out France’s up and coming talent, and he regularly puts on the brightest of rising French stars at his many clubs around Paris. The track we have available for you to stream is Housse De Racket’s ‘Chateau’, wonderfully remixed by Golden Bug. It’s a percussive cowbell laden banger, with a fantastic bass hook, and we would expect nothing less from Kitsune.

Housse De Racket- ‘Chateau’ (Golden Bug Remix)

-Tim Robins

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