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LFW: Hats

We’ve often been pushers of hats and of brightly coloured fur, so imagine how delighted we were to be able to combine two of our loves in this collection of incredible headgear from Anthony Peto. 

 These acid bright trappers and flat-caps are spot on if you want to brighten up a gloomy winters day and bang on if you want to transfer the joyous palettes of Gucci and Jil Sander from summer to autumn.   

Piers Atkinson was another hatter who, true to form, didn’t disappoint . The collection entitled Paris was a glorious combination of drama and campery. With black Cherry’s, spiked fascinators, neon lights and swarovski encrusted netting. Atkinson’s signature sense of humour was present as well as his wonderful and slightly distorted sense of luxe. A 22 carrat gold aubergine anyone? 

Placed next to Atkinson in the exhibition is a milliner who is forcing us to rethink beauty. Noel Stuart’s crudely painted hats are kinda insane (see gallery) but we really like them. They put us in mind of the artist Alexa Meade who turns her live photographic subjects into paintings by daubing them with lashings of acrylic paint. Off key and a new direction for Millinery.

-Aaron F. Walker

Photography: Abi Green

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