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LFW: Úna Burke

Úna Burke’s A/W’11 range of accessories feature beautifully
crafted sculptural leather body pieces. Not to be confused with S&M connotations, the collection was inspired by the cognitive and social
impact that prosthetic limbs and medical braces have on the wearer; the way one’s sense of identity can diminish when the focus of attention shifts from themselves to their prosthetic attachment.

The armour-like designs feature arm cuffs, corsets, shoulder-pieces and leg
braces, representing the duality of restriction and remedy that medical
braces produce. The pieces of leather, in shades of brown, red and black, are
intricately layered over each other and studded, a technique that has become a signature of Burke’s.Through using exceptional craftsmanship and design to communicate distressing inspirations, Burke has created a collection that is stylish without compromising on depth.

- Gem Royston-Claire

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