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Ski-mendous: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs took five minutes from packing his salopettes ready for a week of slope-based raving at next month’s Volvo Snowbombing to talk to Kara Simsek. Guess what – he doesn’t actually know very much about prehistoric reptiles at all. What a gobsmacking revelation.

Notion: What can people expect from your set at Volvo Snowbombing?
Volvos everywhere! That will be the main focus, then some live dance music and costumes and stuff.

Notion: What are your Volvo Snowbombing essentials?
A Volvo, that’s all I need.

Notion: Have you ever been parred by the snow?
I broke my wrist standing still. Well I was stood still facing up the slope, jumped around to get going and fell over. Pretty embarrassing.

Notion: That wouldn’t have happened if you had stayed safely inside a Volvo. Who are you most looking forwards to seeing at the festival?
Cuban Brothers, Carl Craig, Todd Terje, Ramadanman, Rodigan… so many great names on the line up!

Notion: If you could create a robot out of snow what would be its special powers?
Good question…?

Notion: Um, so you don’t like machines. You obviously like dinosaurs – were there any dinosaurs that lived in the snow?
Don’t think so, but I’m no expert, it was all hot back then apparently.

Notion: [Ahem, woolly mammoths] What will your fancy dress costume for the street parade be?
I didn’t know there was one…

Notion: Really? Oh, ok. There is. It’s like the pinnacle of the whole event. Um, what’s your favourite thing about Austrian cuisine?
Sausage variety.

Notion: And, who’s your favourite Austrian?
Mozart probably

Notion: More than Arnie?! Woah. And, keeping it topical, what’s your opinion on Charlie Sheen?
I think Im a bit late on this one, but what I’ve seen is him freaking out and winning. So I’m behind him all the way.


Catch Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs a) cruising around Mayrhofen in a Volvo. b) Not in fancy dress. c) Ripping apart the dancefloor. d) Eating a sausage and bopping to Requiem in D Minor. e) All of the above, at Volvo Snowbombing, Austria 2-9 April 2011.

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