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Wrangling with Dangerous Stunts

Wrangler have been playing with fire (literally) recently. With the help of Hollywood stuntmen and women (and shot in the ‘New York’ street sets of Paramount Studios in LA, the famed jeans company has been photographing stunts of the most entertaining and daredevilish kind for their latest ad campaign, photographer by the legendary Cass Bird. With a SS11 Wrangler wardrobe (natch), they’ve been defenstrated, engulfed in flames, avoided an explosion and falled through a sheet of glass, as part of the We Are Animals series. Not that I’ve seen many animals do that; my hamster is pretty tame when it comes to stunts; he rides a motorbike, Evel Knievel-style. Anyway, the images will be appearing across Spring, so make sure you stop, stare and check out the jeans too.

Oooh and while you’re doing that, try a pair of jeans on in the Wrangler store, you could win a rather exciting prize: An adrenaline-fuelled, coast-to-coast trip across the US of A. Starting in New York, you’ll find out why the city never sleeps, then in Iowa, you’ll spend the night outdoors at the jawdropping Zion National Park. The following day, you’ll learn Native survival techniques before bedding down in Utah’s awesome canyons. Then the action hits the asphalt, with a drive on the legendary Route 66 to Las Vegas with the trip finishing off in Los Angeles.

More details of all this on Wrangler’s webpage: www.weareanimals.com

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