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Introducing: Entrepreneurs

By now you must know we are completely and utterly obsessed with FOE. And we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears on her producer, Entrepreneurs, over the past couple of months now. Having gained a niche devoted fanbase with his former band Elle Milano, it looks like you might well be hearing a lot more from him some time soon. Adam M Crisp has already been listed as one of the Guardian‘s new bands of the day, and had a mention or two on the abeano blog.

Collaborating with newcomers such as FOE and Ghostpoet, we’re sure that Entrepreneurs won’t be staying beneath the ground for much longer.  He’s been compared to Tom Vek a-Godawful-lot, and after listening to this track you’ll see why.  Crisp’s violently electronic music recalling ’00s post punk noise rock is, daresay, pretty f***ing sexy.

Entrepreneurs’ double A side single is being released on 16th April.  Have a listen below:

Bubblegunk / Fuck Tactics by Entrepreneurs

-Bronya Louise Francis

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