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Album review: Deniz Kurtel

Deniz Kurtel has already established herself as a successful visual artist in her interactive installations; she is putting her bid in as a legitimate producer with this debut album. Over the past few years the Turkish-born DJ, producer has been releasing EPs on much “hyped” labels as Wolf + Lamb and Crosstown Rebels. Included in the album are club classics, “The L Word” and “Yeah” which coincidently is the highlight of the album, which features very infectious synth loops that would make everyone jack, along with “Low Down” and of course the title track “Music Watching Over Me”.

Kurtel should be credited for the fluidity and the effortless nature of her compositions. Stripping back her production has made her stand out from the crowd especially because of her signature cut up samples and synth loops. A lot of producers now get caught up with trying to make their tracks complicated and “intellectual”, which at the end of the day just takes the fun away from house music. Although some of the tracks on the album does suffer from lack of depth and melody. After a solid start on the first track “Music Watching Over Me” the album then moves onto “Makyai” and “My Ass”, which are both great tracks, but after hearing the first track, it was like Kurtel was taking a step back and for me was the low point of the album. This may be just the placement of the track listings rather than the songs itself.

Overall, a very solid debut and it does live up to the “hype” surrounding her and the label Crosstown Rebels. It will be very interesting to see what she would come up with next the album leaves us room to keep guessing due to the varied sounds on the LP.

Jay Sriyuksiri

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