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Album review: Husky Rescue – Ship of Light

After the great success of last year’s album release, Husky Rescue are now re-releasing their dreamlike LP in a limited edition boxset. ‘Ship of Light’ is an eerily beautiful record and is the third studio album from the Finnish five-piece.

When stories of a UFO sighting came to light, bassist Marko Nyberg found inspiration for ‘Ship of Light’ from nature and his Icelandic surroundings. Locking himself away in a cabin in Lapland, he formed the outlines of the third album. Using rare instruments such as the memorymoog-an organ like instrument, ‘Ship of Light’ is given a completely diverse, yet instantly recognisable sound. Each track is laced with this underlying melancholy theme that creeps up in a warming, melodic tone. With the chillingly eerie vocals of lead singer Reeta-Leena Korhola, the album exudes a sci-fi-esque presence.

The stylishly put together boxset contains five new bonus tracks, a DVD with live footage and music videos, stems and most importantly, badges! The beautifully abstract boxset matches Husky Rescue’s set-up. It’s going to make a perfect addition to any Husky Rescue fan’s collection.  The re-release of Ship of Light is due out in April, perfect timing for the beginning of spring. The album will be a great companion for those dusky nights and lazy days.

To coincide with the album release, Husky Rescue are also releasing the single ‘Fast Lane’ on the 4th April. Its sophisticated romantic feel is unlike any other “pop” or “indie” genres currently being played.
The single is accompanied by two killer dubstep/breakbeat remixes from 2 Bit Thugs and Son of Kick, as well as a mellow dancefloor re-rub from Catskils label mates, Black Grass.  This offers a great contrast from Husky Rescue’s original work.

Now you lucky lot can get an exclusive listen to the 2 Bit Thugs remix.

Husky Rescue – Fast Lane (2 Bit Thugs remix)

Sit back, enjoy and get yourself the boxset!

-Faye Oliver

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