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Miu Miu dress

The Hautelist #9: Miu Miu e-Store Special

This week’s Hautelist is slightly different, and it’s all that Muccia Prada’s fault.  Well it’s not exactly directly her fault, but still, if you’re looking for someone to blame then I’d like to point the finger at her, because this week Miu Miu – her young, fun (not to mention lower price-pointed) yet equally iconic luxury brand, has only gone and launched its very own e-store!  In celebration of the fact that you can now shop the entire Miu Miu store from the comfort your own bed, I’m giving you my top 3 buys; from the forever investment, to a pay-day treat.

Marriage material…

If there’s one wardrobe item it can really pay to invest in, it’s a little black dress.  LBD’s are the one item that ev-er-y woman is expected to have in her wardrobe, and if you choose the right one it will last you for years.  Choosing a Miu Miu piece in itself is a very wise start; classic yet quirky, you’ll have a dress which will make you stand out from the crowd in the best possible way.  The leather work on this dress from their SS11 collection is pretty yet not too girly, and belted waist forms an elegant silhouette, which would work day or night.  What’s more its simplicity makes it endlessly malleable – layering a top underneath, or changing the belt would create a totally different look and feel.  Therefore, while £910 might seem a lot for any other dress, for a classic (not to forget Miu Miu) LBD it’s a totally reasonable amount (as I’m planning to explain to my accountant). After all, this is marriage material.

Life-long love…

Shoes shoes shoes…what women doesn’t own too many pairs, eh?  Well none I’d like to argue – especially if they’re Miu Miu.  As much as trends come and go, a beautiful well-made pair of shoes are always going to be just that, and I could never imagine myself falling out of love with these art deco on acid Miu Miu pumps.  Their classic shape harks back to a more glamorous time, and I like to imagine they have taps on the toes, and that when you put them on you can magically dance like Ginger Rogers.  Even if that’s not true (as I’ve reliably been informed by the pr team), they’re still a fabulously fun statement heel in a classic shape; a life-long love.

Summer fling…

If you’re looking for a bit of Miu Miu magic without the commitment, then may I suggest a pair of their sunglasses are a good place to start – especially with the instant-gratification bonus of our current lovely weather.  This pinky pair are my current faves (yes, I’m going through a bit of a pink phase), but if you’re looking for something a little more classic they also have lots of styles in black and tortoise shell.  What’s more all their sunnies are under £140, which if you’ve been designer sunglass shopping recently, you’ll realise is a total snitch; the perfect for a summer fling!

Muccia – you really do spoil us!

- Siam Goorwich

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