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The Laurel Collective have a new Buddy

After a seemingly quiet year, the alternative pop ensemble Laurel Collective, are ready to unleash their newly remastered sound. Getting back in the swing of things with new single, Sunshine Buddy, Laurel Collective have moved away slightly from their quirkier side to produce a more straight up pop track.

Fore fronting the release of their debut album, Sunshine Buddy is a chaotic mix of rippling vocals, intricate melodies and pretty much everything else in between that makes a good pop track. Combining their familiar trashy eighties pop sound with a touch of early indie, Laurel Collective has produced something that prominently stands out from the crowd.

There is, of course a video to accompany the single. In a haze of orangey hues, the video brings out the psychedelic side of the band. Aesthetically pleasing and perfectly fitting the song, they’ve even added some goldfish to the mix-well, why not eh?

The video is available over at Youtube, but of course, we have it here too. Sunshine Buddy is now available to buy via Tape Club Records.

-Faye Oliver

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