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Introducing New Breed

It’s hard being creative.  Oh, it’s nice being artistic and all, but it’s also nice to make money.  Food and shelter, those are nice.  Unfortunately, obtaining them often means taking lame jobs and working in obscurity.  Having your creative genius squished from a fluffy pancake of possibilities into a stale tortilla of bored frustration is not particularly fun.

Fortunately, at least for all you artists who want to make it on a professional level, there’s a new agency that wants to see a world where creativity is rewarded instead of squandered.  Introducing New Breed.  If you want to get a start in photography, hairdressing, makeup, or fashion styling, then now might be a time to rejoice, or at the very least utter a quiet “yay!”

Their goal is to help new talented professionals get work and make contacts.  To accomplish that, they’ve got online resources for newcomers, a monthly fanzine publication—that they distribute free to bars, cafes, Colleges, Universities, and companies with an appreciation for creativity—and bi-monthly networking nights.

Heading up New Breed are Lee Crichton, a hairdresser with experience in some of London’s best salons; Julia Mahoney, a designer with a background in architecture, who has experience working throughout Europe; and Adam Evans, a leading publication designer.

Want to join?  Just send in three samples of work.  After you’ve passed the screening process, you’ll need to complete a trade test and turn in a £10 joining fee, which will give you access to all the neat stuff I just mentioned.  After that, New Breed will take a 10% commission on all jobs booked through the agency.

On 5th May, New Breed will be launching at an event held at Radio Salon and Gallery, Shoreditch.  Unknown talent are invited to join the party.

-James Melville

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