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What Is Youth Cult? Jacopo Pandolfi says it all

‘Youth Cult’, formerly known as ‘youth subculture’ is very ‘it’ nowadays. Focusing on how teenagers behave, to mainly classify what is ‘cool’. It is often distinguished by things like music, fashion, slang and behaviour. Class, intelligence and gender also play a big role in this ‘scene’, as it is known. A good example in the past was the Mods, who were associated with scooters, and punks, metalheads and goths with the colour black. All of these ‘types’ of people are judged by their visible appearance… the forever evolving cycle.

Born in Ancona, Italy, Jacopo Pandolfi spent some of his early days in north London, but studied at Liceo Classico Rinaldini in Ancona and consequently went to London to study Photography and Printing Techniques, Live Events Photography, Photoshop and Web Design at LCC in London. Having a family with a creative background, (his grandfather Emo Pandolfi was a painter), he was introduced to the arts at a very young age, and therefore became interested very quickly. His juvenile mind then leant towards photography, which made him one of the individuals interested in ‘youth cult’, and has given us the pleasure of being able to view his works of art.

Pandolfi is brilliant at capturing the raw, honest image of the teenager. He focuses on their everyday lives, which consists of hanging around, smoking, drinking and listening to loud music from unbearable crappy phone or car speakers. He simply gets what he wants; teens posing for him with their nonchalant, brazen attitudes, as this is what they work to show others every day.

Pandolfi portrays the real ‘fountain of youth’ with his camera. However, he isn’t just a ‘one way’ photographer – Pandolfi also creates works in the categories of music photography, travel, PR, television, architecture and charity events. He has worked with Channel 4, BBC, MTV, AOL and Elle Magazine, just to name a few. Let’s just say he’s got it all covered. And it is truly brilliant.

-Nina Hoogstraate

Photo from http Jacopo’s website

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