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Interview: Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue is a Finnish electronica band.  They stand out for their ability to combine the melancholy and darkness one might expect from a Finnish electronica band with catchy synths and a pervasive sense of hope.  Here, Marko Nyberg, the driving force behind Husky Rescue, talks about where the name comes from and the experience of making music.

Tell us a bit about the history of the band, for those that don’t already know…
I love Huskies. Especially the mini ones. People who own them are lucky. We have released three albums and travelled the world together.

Where did the idea to do the box set come from?
In this time of endless uploading and downloading, I think it’s important also to make uncompromising physical releases.

The box set is brilliantly put together, who was the creative mind behind it?
Kustaa Saksi. He did really an amazing job. He’s been with Husky Rescue since the early days.

How much fun was it to go and record the tracks at the Lake Bodom house?
It was brilliant, since it was at the home of a hippie friend of mine.  Lake Bodom was a murder site at the early sixties. Three teenagers were murdered while they were camping at this beautiful spot by the lake and it has never been solved. Anyway, we had a good time; the process of making music is always magical. We raised our spirits on nightly walks over the fields and during the day Reeta sang lying down on an old iron bed.

Other than the UFO sighting and the Icelandic surroundings, what else inspired you when it came to making this album?
The UFO sighting was in Kaunissaari, an island just outside Helsinki, where I live. That was the first sparkle. Then I spent 10 days in Northern Norway. It’s a place full of inspiring mythical stories. How giants came over the mountains bags full of gold, but turned into stone at the break of dawn, since they could not bare the sunlight.

What were the last 5 things on your collective iPod?
Mahavishnu Orhestra – The Inner Mounting Flame
Anika – Anika
Tame Impala – InnerSpeaker
Vesa-Matti Loiri – 4+20
Ólöf Arnalds – Innundir skinni

Ship of Light is your now your third album; was there anything else you did differently when making it compared to the previous albums?
The sound should always evolve! The soundscape is richer, it’s more pop but I find I experimented with it more as well. It’s a very personal album and it’s even more easy to make friends with than the previous two.  Three songs were mixed in Eckerö, near Stockholm. Niklas Flyckt, who did the mixing, commented: “Your drums sound shit but you know it.”  This is a valued compliment from a man who has mixed for example Britney’s Toxic. The drum sound is exactly how I want it to be!

You obviously toured the album last year after its official release, but are there any plans to go back on the road this year?
At the moment the plan is to do some club events.

What else has been keeping you busy since the release of ‘Ship of Light’?
I’ve been making music for some Finnish feature films and other film projects. Also the transformation Husky Rescue is going through, has kept my mind busy. It is inspiring to think about the fourth album!

-Jodie Ingram

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