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J Brand – One for the Boys

Do you like pants?  Of course you do.  Actually, I have met people who don’t, but I think even they can agree that pants have their advantages.  Like keeping your legs warm.  Or, in this case, keeping them stylish.

J Brand, known for giving women awesome pants since 2004, is about to invite men to the party.  The pants party, which sounds like it could be dirty, but actually means that everybody is fully clothed, at least from the waist down.  Pants parties are a grand British tradition, dating back to the Middle Ages.  The first pants party was held by King Arthur, which I think means that I’ve reached the end of my false-historical knowledge.

J Brand Menswear offers a new range of denim and cargo pants in classic and contemporary styles.  The line will be launching exclusively at Selfridges, and will have enough variety to suit just about every man, promising comfort, class, and quality.  These are all good things to look for when shopping.  I don’t know about you, but I judge when I see a bad pair of pants.

Prices will range from £170 – £265, and will be hitting stores and the Internet in May.

-James Melville

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