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Album Review: Shinichi Osawa – ‘So2′

The Japenese electro wizard is back following on from ‘The One”. Most of you will probably know him from his release “Star Guitar”, which till this day is probably still one of the best electro records ever. The album has been around for a while now since the Japanese release was around a year ago, never the less still worth the listen. It’s quite different from the “The One” and “Tepen-Yaki” because it has a little something for everyone, with varied sounds, tempos, which is what I believe an album should be.Setting that aside however, it could be a slight disappointment for electro heads out there, so listen to it with an open mind and don’t expect just banging electro tracks on the album.

Highlights include, Hearts Go Boom, a more disco orientated track featuring the ever so popular band The Black Ghosts, which for those who don’t know has Fake Blood in. You can imagine this track being a hit on the radio, it’s the first slow track of the album and the lyrics are very catchy. Summer is exactly the right time to release this track. It’s got summer written all over it, especially this one. Another track worth mentioning is the first one on the LP is the first track, Love Will Guide You feat. Tommie Sunshine. Already the album starts of different to any other albums he’s released before with an unusual retro and electro-pop feel to it. It’s a song that all Shinichi fans may have to listen to more than once to appreciate the goodness from it.

Overall a very strong release, as expected from the wizard himself and it’s always worth listening to Shinichi Osawa.

-Jay Sriyuksiri

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