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Summer Days, British Heritage, and Some Rather Nice Shoes

As a motto, “You Must Create” is hard to argue with.  It’s been keeping the line fresh since 1995.  It helps that as far as YMC is concerned, trends aren’t terribly important.  All that really matters is making interesting, good-looking clothing.  The lines tend to draw on different eras of history, and even if the clothes don’t always feel wholly original, they do always have character.

Their Spring Summer ‘11 collection is a perfect example of what YMC does best.  It’s a logical extension of the SS ’10 collection, which drew extensively from clothes worn by young evacuees from London during WWII.  ’11 keeps some of those influences, but incorporates elements seen in clothing from the 70s as well.  There’s also, of course a number of modern flourishes that keep the clothes relevant.

Spring Summer ’11 uses these retro elements to evoke a feeling of nostalgia.  Both for England’s past and the wearer’s own lazy summer days gone by.  The colours are drawn from a warm, earthy palette; muted, khaki greens are paired with burnt orange, mustard yellow, mid brown, navy, and camel.  The focus here is on the outdoors, and the clothes have a practical feel to go along with the stylishness.  Since the collection so effectively creates a mood, each item fits well with at least several others.

Just take a look at the shoes in the gallery below.  Perfect for summer.  The orange used for the pumps is vibrant without being ostentatious, and the men’s and women’s cream brouges are an excellent combination of the classic and the modern.

-James Melville

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