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Hydrangea Blossoms

The Hautelist #11 — Floral Shoes

When it comes to shoes there’s no denying that chunky, clompy, and colour-pop are the prevailing trends of the moment.  However, Nicholas Kirkwood’s classic, feminine, slender-heeled rose print platform courts have broken free and captured everyone’s hearts.  What’s more, they’ve sparked a floral footwear frenzy – here are our favourites.

Would swap my mother for…

Actually, I think my mother would swap me for a pair of these…in fact, I know she would.  Maybe it’s the balmy weather, or the unadulterated romance of the royal wedding, but there’s no denying that the dusky pink rose print simply feels right for now.  This isn’t a saccharine sweet Erdem floral, though; the black silk background and tell-tale Kirkwood cut-away platform add a dark gothic edge, making them more Gaga Bad Romance then Disney fairytale.

Would choose over a bunch of flowers every time…

If your budget for fancy footwear doesn’t quite stretch to Kirkwood’s, don’t despair – there are plenty more floral delights on the scene.  Karen Millen have stormed straight to the top of our high-street hautelist with these rather snazzy Hydrangea print sandals.  With just the right balance of floral to fierce they’re most definitely tickling our floral fancies!

Would rather have a wedding bouquet of petrol station carnations than wear…

…well….you see we have a problem (and it’s not that I secretly love petrol station carnations).  After much deliberation, some Googling, and a spot of soul searching we’re finding it hard to think of a situation where floral footwear could ever be a bad thing.  Obviously some floral shoes are going to be better than others, but short of being flat, brown and plastic (which to our knowledge don’t exist), we can’t see how you could go wrong putting flowers on shoes.  Hautelist failure of imagination, or victory for floral footwear?  Maybe both, definitely the second.

-Siam Goorwich

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