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A Unique Way To Shop

The Freaks and The Uniques: Bengt.com

We all enjoy a little bit of online shopping. Mainly because clicking on virtual buttons conjures up only minuscule spending remorse unlike the emotional rollercoaster that is standing in a shop queue. The highs of a brand new beautiful dress and the sweaty palmed, ‘I didn’t buy a Big Issue but I’m buying yet another pair shoes guilt’. A website where I can spend, without actually opening my leopard print purse and that I can rest assured that my money is going to be funding new fashion talent is right up my righteous street.

Bengt is an online retailer supporting and selling only new and emerging designers. A perfect site for everyone craving clothing different than-whisper it- The High Street, Bengt sells only the edgy, creative and new (my three favourite words). Stocking British and International design talent, Bengt brings you young creative’s from all over the world. Dedicated to scouring off-schedule shows at London Fashion Week and graduates, they skim the unique cream right off the milk, pasturise and sell them all on one site. Is this what virtual fashion heaven looks like? Go forth, shop and click happy…


- Kathryn Duncan

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