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BOTW Review: Idiot Glee- ‘Paddywhack’

…give a dog a bone. Sorry we’ve been dying to get that one in there. But now that we have, we can get on with our review of the rather charming debut album by Band of the Week, Idiot Glee. Listening to Paddywhack makes you feel more like you found an old record in your Nana’s dusty attic rather than going out to the shop and picking up one of those fancy compact-discs.

Idiot Glee has the habit of creating intricate layered harmonies with happy pianos and up-beat percussion, and pairing them some light-hearted lyrics. Track ‘F O E’ shows it best with Idiot Glee, aka 22-year-old James Friley, creating the feeling of a barber shop quarter by sampling his own voice, then adding in lyrics ‘Like King-Kong/that’s what they’ll call me/ No one messes with my girl.’ The lyrics along with the pure doo-wop feel make you want a chocolate milk-shake with two straws and a Letterman’s jacket.

However, Paddywhack isn’t just a collection of bubblegum pop. Opening tune, ‘IT’ is more melancholy, suited best for those quieter moments of contemplation when looking at a grey sky. With the fuzzy organ sound, and a slower vocal track that has no plan of going anywhere, created is a subdued state. Friley never states what ‘it’ is, but instead leaves it up to the listener to interpret and make their own, stating ‘it is different for everyone… we all have it.’ And with lyrics about finally being without it, ‘IT’ is just ambiguous enough to be whatever you need it to be without losing meaning.

We aren’t sure why ‘Deep Decent’ made the final cut to get on the album as the track is 2.06 minutes of echoey vocals that are difficult to make out pared with a sounds more trancey, which simply doesn’t fit with the rest the album.

Paddywhack is a solid concept pop album, where the concept is- bring in old time sounds, create some funny, but when it’s right, introspective lyrics, release to people. However, it’s a concept that works for one album, but may get a little corny by the next. It will be important for Idiot Glee to try on a few new hats as his career progresses, but the debut is one to enjoy all summer long!

Paddywhack hit shops on Monday, so get a copy if you haven’t already, and for more info on Idiot Glee go here.


- Stevie Pearce



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