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paradise clear karma-style raw denim bar

Fave Fives of the Week #1

Hello, hello and welcome to my weekly column where I’ll share my favourite things (just like Oprah). My Fave Five will include; beauty, art, people, music and fashion. In my line of work as a fashion stylist I come across all manners of creative things here in London (and worldwide). I’m always on the hunt for constant inspiration – which I hope to bring to you each week. Yes I may get a little ‘Oprah’ on you sometimes, just don’t go expecting free cars and trips to Australia.

No.1: Martin Squires at the Graffik Gallery

The brilliant artwork exhibited is modern, urban and diverse. I visit every week for visual stimulation. When I first saw this piece I was instantly drawn in (The gallery’s co-owner Franco gives visitors added visual stimulation too – he is a bit of a hottie!). It takes me to a place of calm. This old man has sweated and toiled his whole life in the fields to provide for his family, searching for Karma…then finally finds it – that moment of discovery. So I reckon the lesson here is to try and find those moments every day.

No.2: Ransom Volunteer

Out and about, I’ve scanned an assortment of handsomely dressed men to see shoes so awful, they’d make a Victorian chimney sweep look fresh and brand new! It’s all about the shoes…

At Fashion Press Week, I came across J Shoes – a brand with a strong collection. It was a hard choice, but of all their ranges Ransom Volunteer is my fave this week – these can be worn with anything. They look much better on – so elegant. I got Alex of Task PR to do a bit of modelling for me. Always try on to get the bonafide look. They come in five colours, which give men more choices, since you haven’t got the endless style choices that us women have.

No.3: Bolongaro Trevor Stretch Leather Jacket

The duck egg/muted teal colour of this beautiful Bolongaro Trevor stretch leather jacket, is stunning! I visited their showrooms last week, prepping and pulling clothes for clients, when the lovely Emine gave me the heads up on their sample sale happening over the next few days. I was ecstatic, yet remained calmed and finished my professional duties.Two days later I literally ran all the way to East London and copped this bargain of a lifetime (price cuts from £375 to £80!) amongst other purchases. It’s a sophisticated yet casual statement and I haven’t stopped extolling its virtues since. The next sample sale is in a few weeks time – message me or check our facebook page for info.

Loving the concealed studs detailing – Quality!

No.4: Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

The alcohol and late nights of parties/events can play havoc with the skin, so my next fave is the Elemis Papaya enzyme peel. This exfoliator is part of my extensive collection of beauty products. On Saturday, I looked in the mirror and my skin was so flaky it looked 3D! I was planning on going out on Sunday night and there was no way I was going looking like that – bad skin kills confidence. So on it went. It’s a simple, effective product for men and women. This along with a Pro-collagen moisturiser saved the day.

No.5: The Scandalism night at The Paradise on Sunday.

Paradise is also a restaurant/ bar and a fantastic party venue. The drinks are cheap, and it has a cool mixed crowd/vibe. Elly of La Roux amongst others were playing. I’ve known Ben Langmaid (the unseen other half of La Roux) since I was a teenager. I remember sitting in his bedroom back in the day listening to his latest beats and tracks and I think about everything they’ve achieved since, including a Grammy! I put my glad rags on including my new jacket (of course) and headed out to meet my friends Joerg and Wendy, owners of the Raw Denim Bar boutique. We partied hard into the wee hours of Bank Holiday Monday, nothing too scandalous mind you, but an amazing night all the same.

So that’s been my first instalment of Fave Five. It’s been hectic with work and events including; the Lucy in Disguise RTW launch party at Harvey Nicks and the Esquire Best Dressed Man 2011 search at the Mayfair Hotel. I’ve attended meetings with some of the hottest London based designers, who will feature in the upcoming weeks. Most importantly my clients are happy – my work is done…Well, for this week anyway.

If you want more details on any of my Fave Fives or just want to say hey to the new girl on Planet Notion keep your eye on Notion’s Facebook Page

Until next week stay Karma – stay Happy!

- Camillea | Karma Style

5 Comments on “Fave Fives of the Week #1”

  • Jennifer Mernagh May 31st, 2011 4:25 pm

    Fabulous column! I love the comments on fashion, and also the friendly vibe. I will look forward to the next column.

  • Wendy May 31st, 2011 11:05 pm

    Lovely post, the jacket is beautiful…couldn’t be more jealous about the sample sale insider info and we are already ordering the Elemis peel. You should be a spokesperson for them!

  • Valeria June 1st, 2011 11:47 am

    I will certainly check the Traffik gallery. Thanks for the tip, I would have never known about it if you didn’t mention it!!

  • Theresa June 1st, 2011 11:11 pm

    Loving this Column

  • Jared June 4th, 2011 5:19 am

    Camille, this column is a great idea! Glad I get to check it out from the start…

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