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Phones Home: Jays Launch iPhone Headset

As music obsessives, we’re constantly on the hunt for good quality audio equipment. It’s so essential to the listening process, and playing records through low-tech, cheapo Argos ‘phones seriously inhibits our enjoyment. Pleasingly, there’s plenty of companies who specialise in high-fidelity listening tools, but there’s only a few that combine that with gorgeous design without hitting the whole B&O levels of ridiculousness. Swedish company Jays have been excelling in this field since 2007, and they’ve now sprinkled their magic onto iPhone headsets, with this, the a-JAYS Four. It features specially-developed, tangle-free cord and some lovely little Scandinavian design touches like the bespoke jack which fits flush to the top of the iPhone, and the neatly-designed buttons for the mic controls. What we like most about these ‘phones though is that they have brilliant, gorgeous sound quality that belies their tiny size. Trust me, it’s like having aural chocolate poured into your ears, which is precisely why we’re big fans.

Available from Selfridges, Harrods and John Lewis


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