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Festivalwear From Amplifyd and Canterbury

These creations from Amplifyd and Canterbury will fit snugly in your festival backpacks this summer. Amplifyd create masks for your standard G-shock watch that give each timepiece that extra edge. With each mask custom-made using clear and coloured cubic zirconiums, you’re guaranteed high quality design and exclusivity. Considering your wrists will probably be in the air for quite some time this summer, unless you happen to struggle to maintain an acceptable level of hygienewhile you’re away, they’re a great investment.

A check shirt is a must-have in my book and if you’re going to buy one it’s best to buy one that will last. Canterbury is the go-to brand in this situation. They’ve even managed to design an excellent backpack to place everything in. With varsity jackets being all the rage at the moment, you may want to keep one nearby – this classic black and white version is a great option.

Pay a visit to Amplifyd and Canterbury’s online stores and see what takes your fancy!


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