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Fave Fives of the Week #2

Hello! Last week was challenging and surprising. Never knowing what each week will bring. So, by ‘being present’ (in the words of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle) will make this column a relative soupçon of everyday life from all walks of life. I have an exclusive that I can’t believe I’ve bagged, but next week I could easily be talking about a friend’s baby shower….

I’m struggling to contain my excitement, so without further ado….

No.1: ‘The Making of’ Mercedes-Benz SS12 A-CLASS Fashion Campaign – A Planet Notion exclusive!!!!

When I received this footage from a wonderful source who shall remain nameless (I can’t kill you all can I?). It was a beautiful moment. As I watched I knew I had to share this with you. This behind the scenes footage is superb. The theme was ‘accelerate the pulse’, shot by photographer Terry Richardson, starring Jessica Stam and of course the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-CLASS. Jessica wears Giles Deacon by Emanuel Ungaro, styled by Giles himself. Mercedes-Benz chose them for their ‘future’ appeal and saw them as similes to the car. Yes, you will appreciate how hot Jessica Stam is, but also how hard she worked in those heels!

The premiere will be at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2011! Enjoy, and don’t say I don’t do anything for you. For this exclusive footage check out the video below:

No.2: Trisori Jewellery

I was invited by Harrods to their men’s shoe salon launch and wanted to bring less funky cool, and more chic elegance to the event. So I enlisted the help of award-winning designers Trisori to accessorize my chosen outfit. Their pieces are sort after, so I was very grateful when Valeria – Director of Trisori.com, loaned me the ‘Claire’ set at very short notice. My outfit was mainly of black leather and silk jersey I wanted to add ‘sophistication’ to the ‘sexy’ element already there. Make sure you look them up online and at London Jewellery Week 2011.

Apologies, as seeing my picture after watching Jessica Stam is a bit of an anti-climax – remember it’s about the beautiful jewellery, not me.

No.3: Marc Cain Neo Romance leather jacket

I’m sure you’ve deduced by now that I love leather. Marc Cain plays a pivotal part in my day wardrobe; I’ll share more in future weeks. They really know how to design modern classics. When I saw this in their SS11 lookbook I had to have it. It’s unique – it’s rock and roll, yet baby pink! I am not a baby pink kind of girl but on this occasion I had to ignore that personal style rule. This jacket rocks! I wore it on Saturday to Shoreditch House, they have a ridiculous no picture-taking policy! So no shots with it on I’m afraid.

No.4: Free Range Art & Design Exhibition at Old Truman Brewery

This is exactly what I needed to bring the week’s proceedings back down to earth. Walking around this huge space filled me with so many positive thoughts about the British graduates I met. This private viewing was for Falmouth and Middlesex universities. Over eight weeks, Free Range will showcase graduates from many universities; fashion design, architecture and photography and more. Each week focuses on an artistic genre. Please go down and show your support.


No.5: Sweet Breath non-aerosal spray

I discovered this product a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. There’s nothing worse than stinky breath at a party when networking. You can’t tell a nigh on stranger who could be a viable contact “Sorry to cut you, but your breath really stinks!” Could you imagine? With a boyfriend or lover it’s not a problem, as it’s in the best interest of both parties, if you know what I mean! What to do? Make sure my breath is fresh! During an event I discretely spray and I’m good. As canapés can turn your sweet breath into a lethal one.

After that fragrant note, it’s been an event-full week. I attended the London on a Plate app launch. Met Mr. Hudson at the Harrods party, didn’t know who he or his music was. I do now. Those of you that read my blog know I do that a lot. Had so much fun at Shoreditch House on Saturday night celebrating my close friend Tim’s birthday. It was a lovely end to a very exclusive week.

Thank you for all your feedback from Week 1. Keep it coming and don’t forget to press ‘like’ below if you do.

Until then stay Karma – stay Happy

- Camille A – Karma-Style

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  • Valeria June 6th, 2011 5:07 pm

    Love love love it! Thanks for mentioning Trisori.com!

  • Pauline Mckay June 6th, 2011 5:13 pm

    Love the pink jacket. I am sure it will look fabulous on me. Loving your article!!!!!! Go GIRL. X

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