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Introducing: Ghosting Season

Blending cues from Berlin’s technoscene with the post-rock soundscapes is Leeds band Ghosting Season. Formed from another DJing project, worriedaboutsatan, the duo’s pulsing, ambient dance is a slice of haunting ambient-tronica that sounds as post-apocalyptic as it does 4am club. We’d been following them through the blogosphere for the last few months, but when the EP dropped into our inbox last week, we knew we had to let you guys in. Below we chat to Tom & Gavin about their music, and we stream their new EP (out next week) exclusively.

PN: How did Ghosting Season begin?

Tom: We were recording an album as our other alias (worriedaboutsatan), and when we’d finished we thought ‘hang on a second, this is something else, something bigger’. We didn’t really know what we were doing at the time. Our influences were all over the place ranging from ambient stuff to nosebleed techno, and we didn’t have a plan on how to record the album; I suppose it just came out of nowhere! We thought we might have some difficulty releasing what we’d done as worriedaboutsatan, so we just
started a new band.

PN: How would you describe your music?

Gavin: Somewhere between ambient and techno I guess, but with post-rock guitars and plenty of clicks! I’d say it’s a natural step forward from the worriedaboutsatan stuff, but without it being completely different, so it’s more like satan 2.0

PN: What’s been exciting your eyes and ears the most in the last month?

Tom: Tons & tons of stuff! I’ve been going a bit crazy on the spending to be honest. Recent highlights have to be Spatial and John Roberts; perfect for night-time listening and also for moving on the dancefloor. I saw John Roberts live recently and he was out of this world. And the Tom Morris (from Her Name is Calla) solo EP too, it’s very beautiful. On the other hand, I hate to say it but I really like that Chris Brown song with Busta and Lil’ Wayne too! And George Michael, I’ll always love him. I saw the film Monsters and that got me excited about soundtrack work, Jon Hopkins’ music was incredible.

PN: You guys are from Leeds. How would you say your music fits into the Leeds scene, if at all?

Gavin: Haha, oh the Leeds thing. I guess when we first started playing around here, as worriedaboutsatan, we fitted into a nice little niche, but over time things come and go, and I guess we found ourselves as outsiders for a little while, as the heavy rock/hardcore thing really took off here, and we didn’t fit into that scene at all. We’ve had plenty of support from the dance scene though, from Dave at Technique (aka Modern Amusement) and the Mono Cult guys, but we’ve never really seen ourselves as a ‘Leeds’ band, which is just as well really, as we’re about to move to Manchester and set up shop there!

PN: What was the concept behind the video?


Ghosting Season – Far End of the Graveyard from Ghosting Season on Vimeo.

Tom: We’re not sure to be honest! Greg (one of the directors) is a really good friend of ours and sings on our music. We found out that as well as having an amazing voice he also makes equally amazing videos. The brief for Greg was simple: do whatever you want. When we sat down to watch it for the first time and couldn’t speak for about 10 minutes afterwards. I have no idea where he got the inspiration from!

PN: How’d you guys approach playing live?

Gavin: We definitely see the live thing as different to the records we put out, so we try to do something as unique as possible. It’s a big part of who we are, which I guess is pretty strange for an electronica band with laptops instead of amps and a drumkit, but we love playing too much! We want to do something that’s exciting to watch as well as listen to, which is where a lot of electronica falls down I guess- some people will be going crazy with their equipment, and others will just stand there, looking bored, so people write it off as ‘pressing play on a laptop and checking your emails’. So we have visuals, play guitars, keys, drum pads, even experiment with live vocals and have been known to add a violinist to the mix too (thanks to my girlfriend Sophie, of Her Name is Calla – her playing is always all over our stuff!) All our set is continuous too, so we deconstruct our tracks after the studio, and re-arrange them so they’ll work live by adding bits and taking away other stuff. It’s really fun, playing in the practice room and finding out what works and what doesn’t!

PN: Anyone you’d really like to collaborate with in future?

Tom: This is always a tough one because there are so many people we like. Underworld would be a dream. It would be interesting to work with a band too, maybe someone like Grizzly Bear or Wild Beasts. Yeah, Wild Beasts actually! We’re open to any offers though…

PN: What can we expect from your upcoming releases?

Gavin: Well we have a little 4 track EP coming out on the 20th June, then an album later in the year, and we’re also working on a new single too, hopefully for the middle of the year. Plus we’ve started work on a new worriedabousatan record too, and have some demos that don’t quite fit into either band, so we’ll probably just make a new one for those. The newer stuff sounds a bit more dance orientated than the satan stuff we put out in the years gone by. It sounds a bit more focussed too – less reverb, but more atmosphere! If worriedaboutsatan was for 4am on the nightbus home, then Ghosting Season is more for 2am in a dingy warehouse somewhere…

Ghosting Season’s Far End of the Graveyard EP is out June 20.

Far End Of The Graveyard EP by Ghosting Season

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