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Review: John Tejada – ‘Parabolas’

It’s within the first ten beats of John Tejada’s new record Parabolas that I know I’m going to like it. Not just like it, but really, really enjoy it. Those ten beats begin a record that embodies a certain nonchalant style of clubbing; like strolling up to a doorman wearing sunglasses, Tejada’s record kicks off in supremely civilised style.

This civility undoubtedly stems from Tejada’s experience; with over ten years of pro DJing under his belt, he is “notoriously meticulous” according to Resident Advisor, and his seamless blend of American house and German minimal is a musical gourmand’s delight.

Glitchiness and fear-techno is entirely eschewed on Parabolas; tracks are rich and warm, glistening with smooth production and neat, nipped-in breakdowns that comfort and excite. Softened, orchestral bongs collide with simple beats and muffled handclaps on ‘Farther and Fainter’, creating an ambience that equally invites dancing and lounging. ‘Mechanized World’ channels a Daft Punk-esque synth line into a deep-house delight. All the tracks on this record convey Tejada’s established technique; troping around one riff or melody, rolling it around and mashing, kneading and reworking the cue like a ball of neon pastry.

Never feeling hurried on a dance record is a rarity, especially with deep house; the genre can have the ability to lose you entirely in an ambient, chugging pulse of noise. With Parabolas, Tejada plunges you in deep but also retains your interest; like any good clubber, he knows that the best experiences are borne out of moderation, rather than excess. Tracks like ‘Timeless Space’ positively echo with this credo; spacing out into an amniotic blanket of warmth while building slowly around a single melody is what Tejada does so effortlessly on Parabolas. If this record belies anything, it’s that he’s a master of understatement, as subtle with aural texture as he is deft. The nonchalance that this record positively reverberates with is anything but lazy; it’s production technique at its best.

John Tejada’s Parabolas is out now!

And for more info visit his myspace.

You can also enjoy a wonderful download of track ‘Subdivided’!
Subdivided John Tejada


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