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Spank Rock Has Live Date, New Single, and Album!

Kool Disco MC Spank Rock (Naeem Juwan) is readying the release of his sophomore album, Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar 26th September on Bad Blood Records. The album is set to be a departure from debut release Yoyoyoyoyo back in 2006, as the new release, although the title might suggest otherwise, sees the MC more inspired and full of life!

His new single, ‘Engergy’, available beginning 18th July, is on of the many tracks to be produced by Boys Noize of the record, and the tune illustrates¬† the promised reinvigoration of Spank Rock! And it is very muched welcomed! The Philadelphia native brings a sort of restrained power behind the track that gets your blood pumping and body moving.

However, the most exciting is Spank Rock has a live date in London just days before the single release, on 13th July. He will be performing at Dalston hot-spot The Nest. This is a cannot be missed opportunity to see the man himself in the flesh!

For more coming from Spank Rock visit his official site!

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