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Top of the Shops – Fox and Rose Swimwear

Lingerie website www.foxandrose.com has launched a swimwear section this year, aiming to bring the same fashion conscious approach to poolside dressing as they have to their lingerie selection. A boutique attitude to swimwear is a refreshing find on the internet: and a collection themed around the iconic even more so.

Eco label Olga Olsson sits alongside emerging brand Mouille and more established label Pistol Panties, the pieces carefully selected by creative director Alexandra Miro to work together. However, in order to purchase swimwear as an investment it needs to be classic, so bond girl-esque wrap bikini tops and fifties frills are a sensible choice.

Possibly the best thing about the website though is the chatty styling tips offered next to each item – acknowledging that feeling comfortable when half dressed in public is almost impossible the notes feel like a friendly shop assistant in your ear. A friendly, persuasive shop assistant.

However while the pieces aren’t cheap, it is after all a luxury site – fun to browse (and imagine yourself as Halle Berry) even if not purchasing, safe in the knowledge that your choice will be approved of by the fashion pack.


-Carys Kirkpatrick

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  • Amory October 5th, 2011 7:23 am

    This “free sharing” of information seems too good to be true. Like comimnusm.

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