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Introducing Band of Week: Com Truise

Plant Notion’s Band of the Week, or really Man of the Week is, Com Truise (yeah we kept saying Tom Cruise too, but this music is so good you’ll forget about any celebrity upon listening), although with his many monikers it appears that he could be his own band of musical personalities. Com Truise is the newest creation by New York born producer and designer, Seth Haley. He has been making music for near a decade first as a DJ using names such as Sarin Sunday, SYSTM, and Airliner.

These days, he lives in New Jersey and makes what he has called ‘mid-fi snyth-wave, slow-motion funk.’ His first release under the name Com Truise was Cyanide Sisters EP in 2010, which he gave away as a free download, premiering a retro drenched batch of synth heavy tracks. Then came a few singles along with a sprinkling of eclectic podcasts he dubbed, ‘Komputer Cast’. He was able to generate enough buzz around him to get the big label Ghostly interested, who re-issued Cyanide Sisters and are now set to release his first LP off the label, Galactic Melt, with a release set for 4th July.

Haley himself is an interesting fellow. His once day job includes doing graphic design for pharmaceutical companies, while nights are spent mixing music.  However, he has decided to give up the day job in order to tour as Com Truise. He’s not only a brilliant mixer, but also a designer and did the funky, yet clean cut design for forthcoming LP. He’s on the rise and one to watch. Stay tuned all week for an interview, review, download, and video!

For more info head to Com Truise.com!


-Stevie Pearce

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