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Band of the Week Introducing: Junior Boys

It hasn’t been the easiest road for our Band of the Week, Junior Boys. The Canadian duo began back in 1999 with members- Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. However, after years of collaboration, but not getting the recognition that they deserved, Johnny Dark left the project to pursue other interests. It was finally in 2002 that KIN Records heard a demo and wanted more. As Greenspan re-entered the recording the studio he was joined by Matt Didemus, and the pair have remained Junior Boys since. In October 2003, Birthday/Last Exit EP was released and brought with it practically unanimous critical acclaim. The track ‘Birthday’ remains one of the most popular for the duo.

Since, the two have teamed up with Caribou on numerous tours and released a total of four LPs, most recently, It’s All True, that hit shops today! However, it hasn’t been all easy releases and tours for the group either. After luke-warm reviews for the third album, Begone Dull Care, Greenspan left for China to visit his sister. It was there that he was able to revitalise himself enough to prepare for It’s All True. He began writing and recording the new album while still in China, even incorporating traditional Chinese instruments. He then traveled back to Canada to finish recording and Greenspan found himself sleeping on the recording studio floor! If his hard work paid off is up for the listener to decide.

Junior Boys is a project that has gone through a lot, if it were a kid the school yard, I’d imagine they’d have really big glasses, ill-fiting uniform, and maybe always be just a little dirty. But, they’d be smart, because that’s where Junior Boys truly shine. It may have taken the industry a few years to cotton on, and they may not get the reviews they always deserve, but they continue to make amazing and intelligent electro-pop. We just hope they continue to do so!

For more on Junior Boys they have their very own site!


-Stevie Pearce

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