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it's all true

BOTW Review: Junior Boys- ‘It’s All True’

The fourth album by Canadian duo and Band of the Week, Junior Boys, had a rough beginning. After the unfavourable reviews of third album, Begone Dull Care, Jeremy Greenspan, who has been with the project since it’s conception in 1999, took off to Shanghai to visit his sister. It was during his extended stay that he felt a creative spark and began work on It’s All True. The album has traces of the trip splatter amongst the electro-pop that Junior Boys is best known for, and it adds texture where the album could sometimes lag.

With most of the album planned, Greenspan returned to Canada where Matthew Didemus, the second half of Junior Boys, joined him in their newly constructed studio. (This same studio saw Greenspan mix and record the newst Caribou album) The two worked long hours and put together the 9-track long player.

The opener ‘Itchy Fingers,’ begins languid, but jumps up quickly to get a bit of a shoulder bounce going as Greenspan’s voice, which has never sounded better, takes over. The track continues, and just as you feel the first twinges of wanting the song to wrap up, Greenspan brings in traditional musicians from Shanghai, that he was able to record while still there, take over the track to bring a new element and to slow it down for just a moment. As the track ends, it drifts into the dreamier, and one of my favourite off the album, ‘Playtime.’ The vocals are brought up a note higher, and it feels like the perfect song to put your arms around the one you wish you had while your feet kick at tired balloons in a school gym.

Third track ‘You’ll Improve Me’ brings things back up again to more party level, perhaps not full out dancing, but definitely something to move to, and ‘A Truly Happy Ending’ is one that takes you along to jive to until you really listen to Greenspan’s more painful lyrics that stick with you long after you’vel listened, as does the catchy hook.

The album continues with brilliant electro-pop track after the next, but since the first release we’ve known that Junior Boys are capable of making brilliant electro-pop. It’s a band that began high and have maintained the quality they first showed us. There’s no disappointment to be had, and that is very true!

It’s All True is already out so go get a copy! And for any more info it’s all here.


-Stevie Pearce

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